The entrance of the maristi school is shown with a big text in white letters that says Naples trp. Part II

Our DELICIOUS culinary team hit the road again! We told you about their trip to Lisboa, visiting the city and trying its tasty food, and also visiting the two schools collaborating in the project. In case you missed it, here is how 24 hours in the streets of Naples look like in the Part I of this trip. Now, lets see how the Basque Culinary Innovation Centre saw during the visit to the schools.

Giugliano in Campania

The team visited the school Fratelli Maristi Giugliano located in the area of Giugliano in Campania, to the North of the city of Naples. They were able to see how the school works on a daily basis and get to know first hand how the school canteen is managed. And, of course, they could see how the food is made in the kitchens, which is cooked in a very artisanal way, following the typical recipes from the gastronomical culture of Italy.

School Canteen

The food is prepared in a special facility adjacent to the school. Everything that is cooked there is placed in special containers and then taken to the school the team to know that this canteen, where it’s served and eaten. It was very interesting for the team to learn that this special facility is also a restaurant, which serves meals and dinners.

School kitchen
School kitchen
A sample of the food prepared

The school also counts on a small experimental school garden. This way, the students can learn how to cultivate every vegetable and they learn about the different seasons.

Experimental school garden

All these trips that BCC Innovation is making respond to the need of getting to know first hand the customs, gastronomy and cooking of the different Mediterranean countries which form our consortium. With all these information in mind, the BCC team has been reformulating Mediterranean recipes to make them more sustainable, healthy and nutritious. If you don’t want to miss any updates, stay connected and keep reading our content!


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