Basque Culinary Center Innovation travels to Naples: Part II

The entrance of the maristi school is shown with a big text in white letters that says Naples trp. Part II

Our DELICIOUS culinary team hit the road again! We told you about their trip to Lisboa, visiting the city and trying its tasty food, and also visiting the two schools collaborating in the project. In case you missed it, here is how 24 hours in the streets of Naples look like in the Part I […]

Delicious’ first project trip: Lisbon (Portugal) Part II

Delicious’ first project trip: Lisbon (Portugal) Part II This time, our team travelled to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal to learn more about its delicious gastronomy. If you want to read about Lisbon’s street food and main dishes, click here. Apart from visiting the main venues and trying the most well-known recipes from Portuguese cuisine, […]