Students at the Institute Fratelli Maristi in Giugliano resumed physical activities promoted by the Delicious Project!

In these five countries, physical activities have already started since A.S. 2022/2023 based on the Delicious Physical Activity Programme, implemented by the University of Assiut, Egypt. This year, the students involved in the project are continuing with the proposed Programme.

The physical education teachers received a guide to provide them with all the necessary guidance to implement the Physical Activity Programme properly. The guide contains advice on setting up the gymnasium, warming up, the different sports games to be played by the students, and stretching at the end of each activity. In addition, researchers from the partner organisations are collecting data and information, completely anonymously, with the aim of understanding children’s eating and sports habits in the different countries involved, in order to promote improvement.

To this end, this year the students involved in the project received Smartwatches from Delicious, digital sports wristwatches that measure the children’s level of physical activity (e.g. how many steps they take, how long they sit, how many hours they sleep, etc.). During Physical Education lessons, therefore, the students took fitness tests that examine speed, coordination, strength and endurance.

By sharing this information, the children are not only participating in fun sports activities, but are also taking part in an international initiative that makes them the first to contribute to European-wide experimentation and research.

Together with their Spanish, Portuguese, Egyptian and Lebanese peers, they are experiencing for the first time an experience dedicated entirely to making their growth healthier and will begin to develop awareness of the impact of their choices on their own health and the environment around them.

The DELICIOUS project is formed by a multicultural and multidisciplinary consortium with 10 partners from 5 Mediterranean countries. The objective is to promote the Mediterranean diet across Med countries, and this wouldn’t be possible without the support and funding of the PRIMA programme and the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission.


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