An overview of the DELICIOUS project by our coordinator

DELICIOUS is a project that’s working on some of the most important aspects for children and adolescents: education, nutrition, good health and the global care that the social environment has to provide. And the schools have a key role in this process, as children and adolescents spend easily one third of their day there and, […]

DELICIOUS trips: BCC Innovation goes to Naples. Part I

After our team’s trip to Lisbon, are you curious to know all the things they saw and tasted in Naples? This Italian city welcomed them with open arms…and a lot of delicious Mediterranean flavours. Keep reading! And if you want to know more about the Lisbon trip, here you have Lisbon Part 1 and Lisbon […]

9th of May: Europe Day 2023

European flags waving

Today is Europe Day! Do you want to know why this day is celebrated? the 9th of May 1950, the Schuman Declaration was released and the European Coal and Steel Community was born. This document was presented by Robert Schumann, French foreign affairs minister back then, to propose the first supra national institution in Europe. This […]


Our planet is showing signs of the bad consequences of human action since very long ago. Today, climate change is also causing natural disasters, which endanger all living beings’ health and homes because of humans misuse of the natural resources. That is why, since 1970, the Earth Day has been celebrated during the 22nd of […]

17th March 2023, World Sleep Day

At DELICIOUS project we promote healthy habits and routines from the Mediterranean diet perspective. And, of course, sleeping well is a healthy and necessary habit for everyone, younger or older. Around mid-march, the World Sleep Day is celebrated yearly, a date to raise awareness on the fact that a good sleeping routine is not only […]

Delicious’ first project trip: Lisbon (Portugal) Part II

Delicious’ first project trip: Lisbon (Portugal) Part II This time, our team travelled to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal to learn more about its delicious gastronomy. If you want to read about Lisbon’s street food and main dishes, click here. Apart from visiting the main venues and trying the most well-known recipes from Portuguese cuisine, […]

Delicious’ first project trip: Lisbon (Portugal). Part 1

Delicious’ first project trip: Lisbon (Portugal). Part 1 DELICIOUS project aims to raise awareness on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Sustainable, local and seasonal ingredients, as well as physical activity are part of the Mediterranean culture and way of life and have been internationally recognised as one of the healthiest. Our consortium […]

Communication activities in June 2022

Since our Kick Off Meeting in Zaragoza, our coordinator has already had the chance to attend to two local radio stations in Aragón (Spain) to talk about the DELICIOUS project. Moreover, at local level, our project has appeared on newspapers. Onda Aragonesa On June 13th, he visited the studio of Onda Aragonesa, where he participated […]

Kick-off meeting of DELICIOUS

11 July 2022 The Consortium of DELICIOUS celebrated the Kick Off Meeting in Zaragoza (at EDELVIVES facilities) on the 3rd of June Our ambitious project was set in motion in April 2022! Since then, our coordinator Edelvives, has been actively communicating with each member of the consortium and every work package in order for everything […]

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