In the framework of the DELICIOUS project, in May, the Fratelli Maristi Institute in Giugliano in Campania, province of Naples, Italy, had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Osama Abdelkarim, a representative from Assiut University (AUN). This visit marked a significant step forward in the collaborative efforts between the partners, specifically focusing on assessing and enhancing the physical performance of students through targeted sports tests and data collection, as envisaged in the project.

The morning began with a productive meeting involving the AUN representative, the physical education teacher, and other key members of the school staff. The primary focus of the discussion was on the sports tests conducted and the methods employed to gather data on the students’ performance. Valuable insights were brought from Assiut University, enriching the understanding of the best practices in physical education.

Following the meeting, a comprehensive tour of the school was given to Mr. Osama Abdelkarim. This included visits to several classrooms, the gymnasium, and the outdoor sports fields where various activities were in progress. The facilities and the enthusiasm of the students engaged in physical activities were visibly impressive.

One of the highlights of the visit occurred when interactions with the students in a classroom setting took place. Questions were asked about their experiences participating in the physical activities, how they felt about the exercises, and whether they enjoyed them. Positive responses were shared by the students, expressing their enthusiasm and appreciation for the physical education program. This interaction provided firsthand feedback on the impact of the activities from the students’ perspective.

A regular physical education lesson was also observed. During this session, the practical application of the recommended exercises was seen. The physical education teacher, who had integrated the suggestions into the curriculum, demonstrated these exercises. The lesson was a vibrant display of energy and engagement, reflecting the successful incorporation of innovative practices aimed at improving student fitness and overall well-being.

This visit was not only an opportunity for expertise to be shared but also a moment of cultural and educational exchange, where the importance of international collaboration in education and the shared goal of promoting physical activity among children were highlighted.



The DELICIOUS project is formed by a multicultural and multidisciplinary consortium with 10 partners from 5 Mediterranean countries. The objective is to promote the Mediterranean diet across Med countries, and this wouldn’t be possible without the support and funding of the PRIMA programme and the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission.

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