The Consortium of DELICIOUS celebrated the Kick Off Meeting in Zaragoza (at EDELVIVES facilities) on the 3rd of June

Our ambitious project was set in motion in April 2022!

Since then, our coordinator Edelvives, has been actively communicating with each member of the consortium and every work package in order for everything to be in order. After a couple of months, and luckily, we were able to meet face to face at our Kick Off Meeting in Zaragoza (Spain). Many of the partners were able to travel and meet there and, for those who couldn’t, the hybrid modality was available.

For those who travelled on the 2nd of June, Juancho Pons from Edelvives organised a very nice evening consisting on a dinner and walking through the streets of the beautiful city of Zaragoza. Here you can see a photo of some of us:

Some of the members in front of The Pilar Basilic, in the city of Zaragoza.

The meeting took place the day after at Edelvives headquarters, where we received the pleasant visit of Octavi Quitana Trias, Secretary from the PRIMA Foundation (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area). And also, the valuable advice from some members of PRIMA about the reporting and some useful information to carry out the project in the best way. Octavi congratulated the proposal and he highlighted how complete it is on the ambitions and the potential outcomes. We would like to thank him as well as the rest of the PRIMA members for attending and for their contributions.

Afterwards, every member of the consortium said a few words presenting what they do in their companies or organisations and then we started presenting every Work Package. Each WP showed their milestones, long and short-term objectives and ambitions, the potential risks and the positive outcomes every team aims to achieve. The consortium agreed on some important things like the Ethic Advisory Board, the periodicity of the meetings and the modality of them.

After all the presentations were done, we enjoyed an interesting guided visit around the headquarters of our coordinator. Edelvives is a publishing company specialised on children and adolescents’ books and educational material as well as fiction books. We had a wonderful MC who guided us through the history of the company and through the printing machines explaining every detail of them, and even letting the bravest ones trying some machines! It was very instructing and funny.

There was also time for networking as we enjoyed a Mediterranean lunch and got to know each other better. It was a great opportunity to know the majority of the consortium members and prepare for the next months.  We have our eyes on the next meeting to keep sharing how the project is progressing. Thank you all for contributing, sharing and proposing ideas. We will see each other soon!


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